Gaius “Caligula” Aureus from AD40

As we have been discussing Roman coins today with one of the researchers at the University, here is a particularly eye-catching gold Aureus.

Gaius "Caligula" Aureus (AD40)

Gaius “Caligula”
Aureus (AD40)

The coin dates to AD 40 and it shows the Emperor Gaius (known to us by his nickname “Caligula”). Caligula wore the purple from AD 37 up until his assassination in AD41. This particular coin also shows the first Emperor of Rome, Augustus (Also Caligula’s adoptive Grandfather) on the reverse.

The text reads C CAESAR AVG PON M TR POT III COS III (Gaius Caesar Augustus, Pontifex Maximus, held Tribunician Power three times, Consul for a third time)

And DIVVS AVG PATER PATRIAE (The divine Augustus, Father of the country)

It was donated to the Museum in a bequest of the Royal Institute (Liverpool) and it weighs 7.64g

R.1384 Cat. 399


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